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Exchange rates

We can exchange 10 euro / gbp one voucher psc minimum and 50 euro / gbp maximum.
PSC EUR  rate:  0.66 usd
10 euro psc = 6.50 usd
25 euro psc = 16.25 usd
50 euro psc = 32.50 usd
PSC GBP rate:  0.80 usd
10 gbp psc = 8.00 usd
25 gbp psc = 20.00 usd
50 gbp psc = 40.00 usd
PM to EM comission 1$
10 usd PM = 9  usd EM
100 usd PM = 95 usd EM
*other currencies and VALUE ask the operator


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 1. Exchanger works from 9 to 21 to GMT, 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. In time application process takes 10 to 30 minutes. If the voucher has been sent out of hours work, then it will be handled in the first instance at the beginning of the working day. The maximum time of processing the application for 24 hours.

2. Before you send the pin sure to read and check the exchange rates as they change periodically.

3. Keep in mind that all courses are excluding commissions payment systems.

4. If possible, before sending the pin , check it and make sure that the card is working and has not been previously used or locked.

5. The minimum amount of vouchers for sale 10 euros or 10 pounds, or the equivalent thereof .

6. The maximum amount of exchange 50 euros or 50 pounds or its equivalent per customer per day. For large denomination paysafecard, in some cases, may require photocopies of confirming their authenticity. Lack of photocopies may be grounds for denial of admission voucher.

7. We do accept the following countrys of vouchers: UK, EUR, DDK, SEK, NOK, CHF, Germany...
The rest of the series possible to exchange only after discussion with the operator.

9. We do not accept vouchers from the scammers , carders , etc.

10. When selling a pin carefully enter all the digits PIN code (for paysafecard 16 digits), and carefully enter your email address so that the operator can quickly contact you. Carefully enter the number of the purse, double-check before submitting the form , as in the case of an error , the money you send will not.

11. We do not recommend you to send the same to us several times a pin or to several exchange offices.

12. It is not necessary to write to multiple contacts at the same pin and distract the operator , it takes time to process your voucher. If the operator has any difficulty , he will contact you at the specified e - mail address.

13. If you have any questions or additional information, contact the operator.

This website buys Paysafecard. Although the service works since 2013 and has a solid reputation, it is not officially supported by Ukash, nor affiliated with the administration of Paysafecard, and operates absolutely independently. Submitting your pin numbers on this site means you agree to all terms and conditions published and you understand that you do it solely at your own risk. Paysafecard administration is not responsible for this service. By trusting to this website you rely solely on its solid reputation.

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Fresh news

[24 December 2019]
Merry Christmas! We are waiting for you and are always happy to cooperate!
 [12 December 2017]
We began accept neosurf. Rates and exchange ask the operator.
[31 October 2016]
Our service has become an official reseller Epay.com! Actual courses specify at the operator.
[19 January 2016]
We update rates for exchange psc. Now its best rates!
[31 December 2015]
Happy New Year!
[2 January 2015]
Caution! Sites www.validexchanger.com and ukash2pm.blogspot.se belongs to scammers! In no case do not send their vouchers ukash, you will be ripped!
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