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Exchange rates

We can exchange 10 euro / gbp one voucher psc minimum and 50 euro / gbp maximum.
PSC EUR  rate:  0.66 usd
10 euro psc = 6.50 usd
25 euro psc = 16.25 usd
50 euro psc = 32.50 usd
PSC GBP rate:  0.80 usd
10 gbp psc = 8.00 usd
25 gbp psc = 20.00 usd
50 gbp psc = 40.00 usd
PM to EM comission 1$
10 usd PM = 9  usd EM
100 usd PM = 95 usd EM
*other currencies and VALUE ask the operator


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Paysafecard to EntroMoney

Exchange Paysafecard to EntroMoney

With the service My-exchanger.com you can exchange your paysafecard vouchers for entromoney. To get EntroMoney and sell paysafecard you have to use the form below. Exchange occurs within 10-30 minutes and you'll get your money em automatically. If you do not want to fill out a form, you can contact the operator of any convenient way. Contact us here. You'll be able to control the process of exchange and it will be almost instantly. If you need to exchange paysafecard to perfect money or bitcoin, please use the general form.


Enter pin code of paysafecard 16 digits
Enter the amount of the voucher (minimum 10, maximum 50).
If the currency of another, it is first necessary to contact to operator
Enter country where you purchased this pin
Purse of EntroMoney "like U12345678 "
Please enter a valid email to your contact, in case of problems
Upload photo of your voucher


Our service working: Monday-Saturday, 09:00 - 21:00 UTC (London time)


How to Exchange

1. Enter pin code of paysafecard 16 digits.

2. Enter the amount of the voucher (minimum 10, maximum 50).

3. Select a currency from the list pin  (EUR or GBP) and write country of your paysafecard. If the currency of another, it is first necessary to contact to operator and to clarify whether it can accept your paysafecard.

4. Enter the number of your purse or payment accaunt where you want to have sent money for the voucher.

5. Enter your email address.

6. Enter the code capcha.

7. Click Submit.

8. Payment for the voucher will come automatically to the specified purse in 10 -30 minutes in working time.